Sweet Pleats :)

When we went to a local fabric store one day, DH chose some pretty quilting cotton for BumbleBee’s Louisa dress. The fabric was pretty, but not what I had in mind for the ‘Louisa’. So with the fabric home, I wondered what to do with it (minimalism, remember? No stocking fabric for future use!) Then I came … More Sweet Pleats 🙂

We are 3!

Bumblebee is now 3! And it is such a sweet age to be! 🙂 My little baby is growing up really fast, but it is exciting! Being 3 opens up so many new things for her (which may not be always good, of course! 😉 ) . To celebrate the occasion, we had a sweet … More We are 3!

Peace is in less

How does it feel to check into this nice, clean hotel room with the most minimal of things? Inviting? How does it feel to go on a vacation without much of an agenda? Relaxing? How did it feel as a child to have summer vacations all to yourself, without being rushed to one class or … More Peace is in less